We go beyond the local area and offer our services throughout the entire State of California, and Nationwide through our selected partners. Southern California, state of California, and nationwide.

After service is complete, we will mail an original proof of service to you which you MUST file with the court – we can file documents with the court on your behalf for an additional fee in addition to service fees.


To ensure comprehensive support in various legal matters, we collaborate with Najar Investigations a third-party licensed Private Investigator specializing in Private Investigations. This collaboration enables us to offer assistance in a wide range of legal causes of action, including the location of witnesses and defendants who may be difficult to find. Each investigation is unique and tailored to the specific case at hand, allowing us to address a variety of objectives.

It’s important to note that we cannot guarantee specific results for investigations. This is due to the inherent uncertainty of the information that can be obtained beforehand and the unpredictable nature of what will be discovered during the investigation process. However, we assure you that we will exert our utmost effort to gather the most current and relevant information available for our clients. Our dedication lies in delivering the highest quality investigative services and providing our clients with the best possible support throughout their legal proceedings.


  • Background Checks
  • Locating missing persons or defendants
  • Surveillance of Persons and Property
  • Along with many indiscriminate investigations within our legal limit
  • For more investigations questions please call 1866-286.5378

Pricing/Payment Policy

Pricing can vary, Regular Process Service-FLAT Rate $195.00. Investigations start at $135.00 per hour. Surveillance starts at $135 per hour with a 4 hours minimum.

Cancellation Policy – Any cancellations of jobs already in progress will be billed for the full amount of the service charged.

Please contact us for more details and a more descriptive quote.

For more information, please call 951-457-3642.

Additional Pricing/Payment Policy Terms

Experience the benefits of FLAT Rates and a sense of tranquility. The following outlines what is encompassed: Rates apply per address and per defendant. If there are 2 defendants at the same address, a discount will be applied to the second service. Pre-payment is mandatory for all services rendered.

  • Bad Address – Original service fee.
  • Address Locate while in the Field – INCLUDED
  • Check charge for advance of witness fees – 15% of fees advanced/$10.00 minimum.
  • Difficult/High Risk Service – INCLUDED
  • Rush Service – Our expedited service is available at an additional cost of only half the standard rates, ensuring that your documents are served or attempted within 24 hours from the time of receipt.
  • Same Day Rush Service – We offer a same-day rush service for an increased cost, which is twice the standard rates, provided that we receive the documents by 12:00pm PT and the service location falls within our routine service area. For remote areas, please contact us to inquire about availability, as additional fees may apply.
  • Stake-Out Service – Starting at $135.00 per hour with 4 hour minimum. Must be arranged in advance.
  • Wait Time – INCLUDED
  • Late Night/Early Morning Service – INCLUDED
  • Cancellation Policy – Any cancellations of jobs already in progress will be billed for the full amount of the service charged.